Download Free Pira CZ Remote COM Port, Pira CZ Remote COM Port 1.4b Download


Simple freeware application which allows to control any RS232 device via TCP/IP network (LAN, internet). The application supplies hardware based Ethernet-to-RS232 converter on remote PC.The RS232 device is connected to serial COM port of the remote PC and you may control the device from your local PC.Typically used in connection with virtual serial RS232 port. This configuration is also known as serial port Redirector.The Pira CZ Remote COM Port also allows to share one COM port by more applications. COM Port – Physical local COM port where the remotelly controlled device is connected.Baudrate – Baudrate of the remotelly controlled device.Tx Buffer Size – COM port TX line buffer size. Set higher value if you send large amount of data to the COM port or if Buffer Overflow (B/O) error is reported.Min. Delay – Min. time Between characters needed to consider data as separate packets. If the Av. Length indicates 1, try to set higher value. If the control application indicates time out problem or the response is slow, try to set lower value.Max. Length – Max. buffer size for one packet.Port – Network port on which the application listens to a client.TDMA – Has effect only if more than one client is connected and active. Switches the RX line only to the last client TXing data and divides the access requests from different clients by the time specified. (None): No control, immediate access for all clients, all clients receive all RX data. Strictly 1: Only the first client in the list can access the COM port, dynamically allocated. Strictly 1i: The same as previous + waiting clients are informed about the actual access permission. Suitable for terminal control. RDS: Automatic value set depending on the content transferred, reserved for multiple access to PIRA32 RDS encoder.Log to FileAllows to log selected items into a file specified. you can free download Pira CZ Remote COM Port 1.4b now.

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DOWNLOADS FILE Download Free Pira CZ Remote COM Port, Pira CZ Remote COM Port 1.4b Download

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